Cute Ways To Decorate A Room April 19, 2017

Decorating a room on a budget can be hard, but you don’t need expensive paintings and vintage furniture to make a room feel welcoming. If it’s a dorm room or a kids room, you have even more room to use unconventional ways to decorate a room. Everybody remembers their own ‘poster’ wall when they were a kid. This was the wall that you’d cover in pictures you cut out from magazines. This idea could be used to decorate a room. Instead of posters and random pictures, try creating a collage on a blank board. You can create your own beautiful art work using a few art supplies, magazines and paper. Hanging this on your wall will make the room seem a lot friendlier.

Want personal touches? The best way to do this is with pictures of you and your family and friends. Print custom stickers of your favorite pictures and put these on your walls as personal wall art. This is a creative way to incorporate pictures without breaking out the photo frames and it’ll never go out of style to have sentimental pictures in your room.

The best way to keep your room decorated and useful? Hang a huge black chalk board on one wall and leave a lot of different colors of chalk with it. You can create art work, write your to do list, keep track of assignments, remember what you need to get from the store… the uses of this are endless. Putting this in a kids room will also keep them busy for hours as they create their very own art work. You definitely won’t regret buying a chalk board for your home, no matter what room you hang it in.

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